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Jaymie Elder, 2015


Growing up in New Zealand


Jaymie grew up in a small, coastal village in the South Island of New Zealand. 

Ever since Jaymie was a child, she loved to create stories, illustrations and poems about animals and nature. She remembers clearly being inspired by the magic of the nature around her. Story ideas were endless, as she found herself immersed in the surroundings of clean rivers, estuaries, beautiful beaches and ocean wildlife at her doorstep.

Through her story writing, Jaymie remembers feeling very close to magic and mystery. She sensed that other worlds existed beyond her imagination.




9 year old Jaymie dressed as "Gypsy Fortune Teller"
for her primary school Book Character Day.






"Rainbowtree Woman" by Jaymie Elder



Rainbowtree Woman


Jaymie began a journey of self discovery and healing in her early 20's. 


In 2000, Jaymie went backpacking in Thailand for several months with a friend. She loved the beautiful culture and authentic life values of the Thai people. 
Jaymie returned to New Zealand and her job as a Graphic Artist, full of questions about her current life path.

Later that year, Jaymie left her job as a Graphic Artist and began a long period of deep self analysis and transformation.
Frequent writing, reading and time spent alone in nature, offered Jaymie much opportunity to reflect on her life and develop a sensitivity to hear her own spirit guidance. 


Jaymie began a 2 year councelling course in Transpersonal Pyschology, where she studied the work of Carl Jung and Roberto Assagioli. Jaymie was drawn to Carl Jung's shadow work and the teachings of Assagioli, (Pyschosynthesis) because he had developed a spiritual and holistic approach to psychology, which incorporated the Higher Self.


Having been unhappy in her work as a Graphic Artist, Jaymie was no longer prepared to make compromises and accept a career or work which did not fulfil her. In 2002, she began working with children as an Arts Co-ordinator for a local school. Creating together with children, Jaymie's reconnected with her enthusiasm and passion for the artistic expression she had enjoyed as a child. 

Jaymie's work with children lead her to start a business as a face-painter. 
 Over the years, her creative designs and popularity amongst children grew and she was employed to provide entertainment for many functions, birthday parties and festive celebrations. 


Jaymie continued to develop her creativity in different ways for herself, but it was not until she met her soulmate Juerg Dreamturtle, that she began to embrace her soul work as a healer and artist more deeply.

In 2009, Jaymie created a set of her own personal healing cards, after she painted the "Rainbowtree Woman" mandala (above). Jaymie used her Rainbowtree Woman Cards as a tool to connect with her inner knowing
and find clarity about her path in life.


Eventually, the Rainbowtree Woman cards taught her to trust her intuitive guidance more and to share her gifts with adults, young women and children.


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Rainbowtree Woman


Personal Session with Jaymie






"Dreamturtle Mandala", Juerg




Creating and sharing with Juerg Dreamturtle



In 2001, Jaymie found Juerg’s Dreamturtle Mandala on a small card at a local healing centre. Over the next few years, while she lived in different places, she kept the mandala in her sacred space.

It was not until 2005, that through a "chance" meeting with a mutual friend, 
she learnt about Juerg’s work of love and healing. She went to his website and to her surprise recognised the same Dreamturtle Mandala, which she had felt so drawn to.


Juerg and Jaymie met at a remote beach on the South Island of New Zealand.


In the following years, Jaymie and Juerg shared and created much together, including Juerg's book "Sacred Journey".


Apart from the devotion to their own healing and growing, they first travelled and offered support to people throughout New Zealand, attending festivals and markets and often sleeping in their stationwagon. 

In the following years, they travelled and shared in many parts of Australia, East Timor and Indonesia.


After the sale of their retreat and many of their belongings, Juerg and Jaymie embarked on their nomadic journey in December 2009, starting in Australia and continuing in the following years in North America, Europe and North Africa. 






Sacred Journey


Sacred Journey written by Juerg Dreamturtle, was first published in 2009. To learn more about Juerg and his book, "Sacred Journey" visit: 








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