How to order
'Animal Wisdom Greeting Cards'

Option 1

Children's set (5 Cards)
Euro 15 (3.00/card) + Postage

(Mother Bear, Rabbit Listens, Baby Chicken, 
Baby deer, Grandfather Lion)

Option 2

Whole set (14 Cards)
Euro 38 (2.70/card) + Postage

(Little Hedgehog, Magical Mushroom, Sweet Dreams Jess, 
Carlos Chameleon, Baby Chicken, Mother Bear, Grandfather Lion,
 Willie Wax Eye, Rabbit Listens, Chloey, Mother Lion & Cub, 
Truth, Mishu Dreaming, Baby Deer)


Option 3

Choose your own cards (minimum 5 cards)
Euro 3.00/card + Postage


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