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"Rainbowtree Woman", by Jaymie Elder 2009


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"Rainbowtree Woman is a messenger
for Spirit and Mother Earth.


She supports us to connect with our soul
and the Sacred Feminine in nature,
our heart, body and


She encourages us to focus 

our attention on our inner world 
of intuitive messages, feelings, 
visions and dreams.

She represents the soul journey 
of healing and transformation."

Jaymie Elder, 2015

“Shadow work is the path 
of the heart warrior” 
Carl Jung


Jaymie offers Personal Sessions via skype or in person. She provides a safe and supportive space for people to connect with their heart and honour the inner work they have come to do - on their soul journey.

Jaymie has a strong heart and soul connection with Mother Earth. She loves to support people to connect with the magic and beauty of nature, through her paintings and photographs. Some of these can be purchased as Animal Wisdom Greeting Cards.

Jaymie is a New Zealander. She works and travels together with her soulmate Juerg Dreamturtle (www.dreamturtle.com). Juerg is the author of the book, "Sacred Journey - simple book of soul wisdom, love and healing." 


Jaymie and Juerg teach and share about love, healing and creating a Sacred Life in harmony with all people and Mother Earth. 

They love to connect with authentic people and cultures of the heart, in many parts of the world and to gather wild foods including mushrooms, medicinal and nutritional wild plants / weeds.

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