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“Shadow work is the path of the heart warrior” 

Carl Jung


I believe spiritual growth is about "Soul Work". This Soul Work requires us to not only focus on the light (positive) but to acknowledge, heal and transform our shadow.

The shadow is made up of the parts of self we hide, judge and consider unlovable or unworthy of love. If we do not acknowledge our shadow, we can remain “stuck” in fear, anger and old patterns of the past.

There is no "goal" to achieve or "destination" to reach because if we do this Soul Work we know we will continue to heal, evolve and grow on our journey. But we must be prepared to keep working with the truth in ourselves and have the courage to let go of our illusions, masks and protections.


During a personal session, 
I offer a sacred space of love and trust 
for you to reconnect with the innocence 
and vulnerability of your heart and inner child.

I support you to give a voice 
to the parts of your Self and your life, 
which long for understanding, 
healing, love and harmony.

I encourage you to see, 
where in your life you are not honouring 
your Self, creativity and gifts. 

I support you to work towards healing 
and transforming those aspects of your Self, 
where you find it challenging to move forward 
on your Sacred Journey.


The personal sessions are supported by a set of "Rainbowtree Woman Cards" which I have created myself. The cards depict my own photographs and paintings. Some of my paintings are also available for sale, as Animal Wisdom Greeting Cards

The Rainbow Tree Woman Cards reflect a deep connection with nature
and the wisdom of animal messengers. During personal sessions, these cards have been very helpful to support people to connect with conscious and subconscious feelings and longing for healing/love of the heart and soul.


Example of Animal Wisdom Card -
"Messenger of Truth"


I consider Soul Work to be the most important - 
both for myself, my relationships, 
my family,  my life and the world. 

This is a very unique time on the earth - 
many people are longing to align themselves 
with the true calling of their heart and soul. 

In these challenging times - 
we have a great opportunity 
for healing, transformation and growth.



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