Rainbowtree Woman


"Rainbowtree Woman", by Jaymie Elder



Rainbowtree Woman is about reconnecting with the magic  and wisdom of the Sacred Feminine and Tree of Life. 



"Rainbowtree Woman is a messenger
for Spirit and Mother Earth.


She can support us to connect with our soul
and the Sacred Feminine in nature
our heart, body and


She encourages us to focus 

our attention on our inner world 
of intuitive messages, feelings, 
visions and dreams.

She represents the souls journey 
of transformation 
and healing from within."




Rainbowtree Woman shows us that we can begin in this moment.  


Imagine yourself to be an ancient tree like Rainbowtree Woman. 

Your roots sink deep into Mother Earth. Your branches reach high up towards Sky Father to become the wings of a beautiful butterfly.


What are your feelings telling you?


What messages are coming to you?

What is the dream of your heart?





Rainbowtree Woman

She is open, receptive and rests within herself - 
trusting her own journey of transformation. 

She has a white face with no eyes - 
no judgment, separation or dependence 
on the external 
or material world. 


Instead, she is one with all life 
and sees through the inner world 
of her feelings, intuition and open heart. 

Her feelings guide her to heal 
and connect deeply with the wisdom 
of all she has ever been, is and will be. 


Through her feeling heart, she is one 
with the beauty, magic, harmony 
and sacredness of all life."






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Copyright Jaymie Elder Jan 2015. All rights reserved.